“Embrace the energy revolution and unlock new possibilities with SEVERON Graphene-Based Hybrid Supercapacitors – the future of energy storage! Discover the power of graphene and experience the best quality batteries in the market.”


High Power Density

Our Supercapacitors offer exceptional power density, delivering instant energy when you need it.

Rapid Recharge

Say goodbye to long charging times. Our Supercapacitors recharge almost instantly, keeping you powered up without delays.

Long Lifetimes

With SEVERON graphene-based Supercapacitors, enjoy a significantly longer usable life compared to other batteries.

Economic Benefits

SEVERON Supercapacitors provide long-term economic advantages in renewable energy systems for maximum energy self-consumption.

Why choose Supercapacitors over chemical batteries?

No Chemical Reactions

Supercapacitors store energy without liquid electrolytes or chemical reactions, allowing for fast charging and discharging.

Extended Usable Life

Enjoy thousands of charge and discharge cycles, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Enhanced Power Density

With a much greater power density than batteries, our Supercapacitors can be connected in parallel for combined power supply units.

How the products work

Click on the video to see.

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