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enjoy the full benefits of solar energy

Prepare for the future of energy with our turnkey solutions for solar and energy projects! As energy becomes scarcer, it’s essential to move towards renewable sources. At our company, we offer full turnkey supply solutions that can help you save money today. With our in-house software, we can analize your current electrical consumption patterns and provide cost-effective methods to reduce electricity usage. Invest in cutting-edge technology and become energy-conscious, saving both money and the environment. Start your journey towards a more sustainable future with our expert solutions.

Generate a SEVERON Energy Solution

Step 1:
Site Inspection and Data Logging

Start with a site inspection and connecting an energy data logger. We review your electrical requirements, roof, and angles for solar panels.

Step 2:
Raw Data Processing with software

The recorded energy data is collected to generate a report and prepare a design and final detailed proposal.

Step 3:
System Design

We generate a design with full system specifications, equipment costings, installation fees, projected system performance and return of investment calculations.

Step 4:

On proposal acceptance we start with SSEG registrations and arrange installation start date. On completion, we issue a certificate of compliance.

Step 5:
Tendering Process

Use our bill of quantity for pricing purposes should you prefer to follow a tender process for your installation.

Generate a SEVERON Energy Solution

Step 1: Site Inspection and Data Logging

A SEVERON Dealer/representative will visit your site to inspect your home, your electrical distribution board, review your existing electrical layout, connect the energy data logger, take and audit of all your electrical appliances, measure your roof and angles for solar panels and finalize the plans that were discussed over a consultation.

Step 2: Raw Data Processing with software

We collect the raw data energy recording and follow up with a software system report to help prepare a design and detailed final proposal.

Step 3: System Design

A Severon System design will include the full solar system specifications and equipment details, solar & electrical equipment costings including installation fees, projected system performance details, return of investment calculations and cash payback-period analysis.

Step 4: Installation

We finalise acceptance of the proposal, start with the necessary system registrations and arrange a date to start with the installation. Once the system is completed, we issue you with all the compliance documentation and you become energy independent, saving on electrical bills from day one!

Step 5: Tendering Process

Should you prefer to follow a tender process for your installation, and you would be able to utilise the Reports and Bill of quantity for pricing purposes .

Types Of Solar Pv Solutions

Hybrid Solar PV Solar Systems (Grid-Tie with Back-up)

Hybrid Solar PV Solar Systems

Hybrid systems are versatile, combining off-grid and grid-connected capabilities. They switch between grid-connected and independent modes during grid-failure, enabling the removal of non-essential loads during load shedding. This reduces the off-grid inverter and battery bank size. Surplus energy can be stored in the battery bank for nighttime self-consumption.

Grid-Connected PV Solar Systems

Grid-connected systems sync energy production with the grid. Solar power takes priority over grid power, and excess solar energy can flow back to the national grid. In some cases, intelligent control is needed to adjust the grid inverter to match the load and avoid overproduction.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-grid systems are independent from the grid but can have grid or generator backup. Designing off-grid systems is complex due to various factors to consider battery life, PV utilization, inverter load, temperature, equipment efficiency, altitude, and weather. Considering these factors is essential for assessing the system’s feasibility accurately.

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